Monday, April 8, 2013


When the dogs bark the boys have started putting their finger in front of their lips & saying "shhh." I'm not really sure where they have picked that up, honestly if the dogs bark & won't stop I usually yell at them but have now joined the boys in their shhhing, lol...

Kellan, kind of looks like he has his finger up his nose but I promise he is saying "shhh"


  1. Love it !
    I still remember telling my dog in the not so nicest of voices to shut the fuck up with clenched teeth and angry eyes on, while heading to the door after just getting all 4 of my boys down for naps. I think the babies were only a a few weeks old. As I answered the door the look on my daughters old pre school-teacher-neighbor-mormon face was proof that she had heard it all. Nice. just nice.
    ssshhh is good.

  2. That's cute :) we don't have a dog to sshh but mine like to take turns pretending to nap while the others sshh anyone in the room. And if one is actually sleeping and you get sshh'd and speak anyway, you get a very stern talking to...finger wagging at you and all. Crazy kids :)



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