Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Dinner

We will be in FL for my cousins wedding on the boys actual birthday & will be celebrating there but my mom & bonus dad can't make it so we had an early celebration dinner with them here Saturday evening.

That is Garren, the back of Donna, half of my Mom,
the back of Caden, My Bonus Dad, & Kellan.

We walked into the restaurant to find my parents at a table decorated with birthday balloons & a perfectly wrapped gift for each of the boys. It was really special for the boys & they absolutely loved the balloons. Towards the end of dinner the wait staff all came & sang to the boys. Kellan started to get a little scared but ended up not crying at all & each of the boys enjoyed a little personal attention from a pretty waitress afterwards.

The boys have had a ball playing with the balloons all day today, of course we have lost a few. I was considering only getting a balloon bouquet for their party but we may have to get a whole bunch of balloons (which I prefer) since they had so much fun with these :)

PS... The Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms of Multiples blog contest is still going strong. If you wouldn't mind, please click the link below, find us on the list (around #8 right now) & click "vote." That's it, it really only takes a minute!
Thank you for your support!!!


  1. Happy early birthday to the boys! What a great surprise and the balloons only made it all that more exciting I’m sure. :)

    I just voted again! I’ll pop back in and vote as often as I can before the 8th!



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