Monday, November 12, 2012

Missing Mama

Tuesday afternoon Donna got a call from her dad saying that her mom was being admitted to the hospital with a "mass" on her lung. She hadn't felt well for about a week or so & had gone for bloodwork & an x-ray earlier in the day. She was told to go home, pack a bag & head to the hospital. At the time they didn't know what the "mass" was & we all feared the worst.

Donna left work right away & I tried my hardest to get everything together for us all to leave right away. It was a task too large to accomplish on such short notice. I knew that Donna was extremely anxious to get to her mom. So I told her to go ahead down & the boys & I would head down on Wednesday.

Luckily before the night was over we learned that her mom just had pneumonia. Not that pneumonia is any good but we were so relieved it wasn't cancer.

Donna arrived to the hospital about 10pm. I spent Tuesday night & Wednesday morning doing laundry & getting us all packed. Even though the boys don't require a bunch of equipment, ie: swings, bouncers, jumpy things, it still seems like we pack the entire house for trips. The boys & I arrived at my parents Wednesday afternoon.

I stayed with my parents to have a little extra help while Donna stayed with her dad at night & her mom during the day. We visited during the day but tried to keep our night time routine the same.

We only took the boys up to see Grandma Tilyou once, she needed to rest & the boys are into everything & all over the place.

Grandma was very happy see them :)

This is the first time Donna has been away overnight from the boys & I since they came home from the NICU. Overall the boys did ok, each of the 4 nights she was away, one of them would wake up shortly after falling to sleep & need some extra snuggles. Kellan seemed to be the most affected by her absence, he acted a little home sick, all of a sudden his chin would quiver & he would cry a sad little cry & just need to be held.

Donna & I took the boys to a park close to the hospital so they could burn a little energy.


My bonus mom took us to see some horses around the corner from where they live.

Caden, Garren & Kellan, G thought is was a big dog, lol...

Tina, Donna's mom was able to go home Saturday. Donna helped her get settled in & then my parents & the boys & I met Donna & a dear friend, Rosemary, for dinner. Donna came back to my parents Saturday night & Kellan was so happy to have his Mama back, everybody was but Kellan was especially giddy & stayed by her side until the boys finally went to bed (an hour late.)

We headed home Sunday after lunch.

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  1. First off, I am so glad Donnas mom is doing better. Second off, I have changed my mind. The boys look quite a bit older with their haircuts. I didn't think so at first but now I def do. They could all easily pass for 2 year olds!



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