Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eighteen Month Well Check & The New Pediatrician

The day has finally arrived!!! It has been months in the making & it WAS a process but we finally had our first appointment with the boys new pediatrician. I will say Dr J was worth the effort & wait.
It is funny though how different, different doctors & practices are.

The boys did fantastic, doctors appointments are a lot different now with 3 walkers that want to explore everything!!! We are there for way too long to expect them to just sit & relax anymore so once they were all weighed & tucked away in our own room, I set the boys free to explore...
Luckily there was not much to the room we were in, an exam table, stool, chair & a tall empty cabinet that Kellan thought was great for getting in & playing peek-a-book with his brothers.

Just for the record, I did not take them to the doctor in the halloween pj's, it was cold & they were worn as under shirts with sweatshirts :)

Now for the good stuff...

Garren weighs 23.9 pounds, he is 32" tall & has a head circumference of 48cm.
Kellan weighs 29.2 pounds, he is 33 1/4" tall & has a head circumference of 48cm.
Caden weighs 29.4 pounds, he is 33 3/4" tall & has the big head at 50cm :o)

It seems like a huge gap between Garrens weight & the other 2, but it is fine. He is on the same growth curve he has been & it is just a more gradual growth & becoming more obvious. Our old doctor gave us percentiles for their adjusted (premature) age & this one gave it to me in actual age. The good news is they are on the actual age chart. Dr J said that they don't expect babies this premature to even make it on the chart until age 2. Garren is in the 25th percentile, Caden & Kellan are in the 85th percentile. 85th percentile for actual age is just CRAZINESS for 29 weekers!!!

They had an Autism screen today, it was just a bunch of questions I had to answer about each of the boys. They all did very well & do not show any signs of Autism.

They got 3 vaccines & a flu shot and are now up to date on vaccines until they are 4. YAY!!! for no more shots for a long time!!! The boys do cry when they get their shots but they are usually over it by the time we leave & this time they weren't cranky or anything afterwards or the rest of the day :o)


  1. Outstanding news! Just goes to show what great mommies they have and what a wonderful family they are growing upon. Give the boys our love. Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  2. I can't wait until my little one is at the age where shots are not an every time issue! :P I'm glad to read everything is going well. They are just so adorable!

  3. What an awesome appointment! Being on the growth chart is awesome, especially at 25 and 85th percentiles!!! I'm hoping my little lady has made it on the charts by our next appointment, I'll even take like 5th percentile!



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