Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Hair Cuts!!!

We had been talking about it & debating it & finally agreed we would do it after their 18 month photos. Then we debated on where to take them & who to have cut the boys' hair (I have worked in a few salons & have many stylist friends back in FL.) We were going to wait until our next trip back to Florida but yesterday I decided I couldn't take it anymore. The boys hair was growing in uneven, it was getting frizzy looking, Garren's was really long all over & if one more person mistook him for a girl I was going to scream!

Garren, getting mistaken for a girl :(

I called a couple salons here to get a feel for someone that was kid friendly & experienced with babies. I know from working in salons that it's not every stylist favorite thing to do. The first couple places didn't really seem to into the idea of 3 toddlers. So I messages a friend here & asked where she took her littles, I called the place she mentioned & the woman on the phone found not have been more excited to do first haircuts! She even gives first haircut certificates.

Right after dinner, when Donna got home we headed to the "Old Style Barber Shop." I kind of like the idea of the boys going to a barber :o)

First up was Caden & he did fantastic!!! He sat in the barber chair like a big guy & just got his hair cut. He wanted to see what she was doing & what the noise was coming from the scissors & clippers but other than that he sat still & behaved very well.

Garren was the second to go, a different person cut his hair. He did really well too, just sat there like he knew knew exactly what was going on. The barber couldn't get over how much hair Garren had. It took him almost as much time to cut his as it took the lady to cut both Caden & Kellan's.

Last up was Kellan. He seemed a little stunned & also did really really well. Kellan didn't really need anything taken off the top, his hair is still pretty thin up there but his baby mullet was getting pretty long. It's gone now.

I love this face :)

Peopled warned us that cutting their hair might "age" them. I don't really think it did. They all look different from the back, they have necks & ears now that were previously hidden by their baby mullets & curls. Garren is the only one that I think looks different, but I don't think he looks any older  just way cuter, if it's possible. They are all super adorable with their new do's!!!

 I wish I would have gotten Kellan completely in this shot!!!
K & C


  1. Great recap and great pics. They are such handsome looking little guys. Glad they all did so good. You are right they don't look too much different maybe because it is thexway you had it cut...they still look adorable.

  2. You have some super cute kiddos. I love these pictures and I need to remember to take lots of pictures when we get to the haircut stage with Peyton. Totally don't need it right now, but it will be a fun experience.



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