Monday, November 19, 2012

18 Month Photo Shoot

I'm SOOO excited to finally get our photos back from the session we had in Florida while we were there on vacation!!!

This is the first time we have had photos done of the boys since they are all walking & what fun it was {insert sarcasm here, lol}

We met at a park & as soon as the boys feet hit the ground they were off & running. Thankfully my dad & bonus mom decided to tag along at the last minute or we would have been in BIG trouble!!!

Kellan was determined to get to the lake, while Garren just wanted to pick up & touch everything. Caden just wanted to roam. Of course none of them wanted to go in the same direction.

The photographer, my good friend Becky, was fantastic at catching them in their element. She's also a mom & knew just the right tricks & suggestions to get them to sit together even if just temperarily.

Well enough of the chatter, here are the photos...

 Garren, Caden & Kellan with myself & Donna
 Caden, Garren & Kellan


 LOVE this face!

 In constant motion.



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