Thursday, November 1, 2012

Playdate with Mama

Donna called the other day & was starving! She wanted to know if the boys & I could bring her some lunch? Not a problem, mommy happened to be having a fast food craving & this gave me he perfect excuse to satisfy it.

Up until this day I usually just drop stuff off & run but Donna wanted to show the boys the stations resident cats. So we headed inside.

She ran them around the warehouse in their wagon, they saw a few of the cats, then Donna took them back inside the office area & let the boys loose! It's a smaller station so they couldn't go too far. They had a great time running up & down the hall & exploring all the different spaces.


 This sign is on the door to the room in the follow photo...

When we loaded up to head out one of Donna's employees, Pam, wasn't ready for the boys to go. The boys were a little upset about getting back in the wagon so Pam took them for another ride around the warehouse.

It was a good time seeing mama at work, exploring a new place, visiting some new people & seeing the kitties.

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