Friday, August 31, 2012

How We Roll...

A few people have asked me recently or remarked about our use of our Choo Choo Wagon.
The answer is yes, we take it EVERYWHERE! Including the beach,the mall, target, home depot, lowes, walmart, the zoo, a national monument. We've traveledmwithnit to FL & NY. I don't usually use it when I'm out with the boys by myself, just because I don't like them behind me.

At a birthday party

It's been pretty hot this summer & the boys are usually sweaty when we take them out of the stroller, they also pull at each others' seats trying to see one another & the boys lean way out of the sides of the stroller to look around, so the wagon eliminates some of these issues. They aren't leaning back in a fabric seat, so no sweat. They can see each other & all around, so no leaning or pulling on the seat in front of them. The wagon is also just easier & faster to use than the stroller, with just a lap belt, no shoulder straps to fight with or 5 different straps that all have to connect. Believe me though our stroller still gets plenty of use & is better for some places than the wagon (ie, the doctors office.)

At the zoo

The front cart has storage under the seat, not a lot, but just enough for extra diapers, wipes & changing pad. If we are beach or zoo bound or the boys will be sitting for an extended period of time in the wagon, I fold up a beach towel & put in their seat. I let part of the towel go down into the leg area & I hide swim shorts & dippers under it along with anything else they may need. If you have triplets & have the peg-perego triplet stroller than you know there is not a cup holder or tray for snacks. There still isn't a tray in the wagon but I use the cup holder for snacks & they can put their cups in when they finish their snacks. We don't have them yet, but there are also umbrellas that hook on to the individual carts for shade or shelter from the rain.

In a hotel

Strangely we don't get as much "triplet" attention, mostly just people commenting on the wagon or asking where they can get one for their 3 kids. People don't stop us, maybe because they can see the boys better than if they are in their stroller.

On the beach

The boys identify the wagon as a sort of home base or check in point. When we are out at the beach or someplace they get out & play at, they all do their thing but sporadically they all return to the wagon, check in with each other & us & go again. It's kind of funny to watch, but good that they identify a common point.


  1. Glad they love it. I was SO tempted to buy one of these, but wasn't sure if my arms could handle the pulling. Now I'm tempted again ;) If only I hadn't blown so much $ on the RunAbout, though it has been a good purchase.

    1. The choo choo has been on sale on for $125 for quite some time now & thats for the 3 carts. I find it easier to get around than the stroller :)

  2. I hope my triplets love the choo choo as much as your boys do!

    1. Karlie, I haven't met a kid yet that doesn't like the choo choo!!! We had it at our aunt's 80th birthday party & ALL the kids at the party were taking turns riding & pulling each other around in it, lol... so even bigger kids LOVE it :o)



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