Thursday, August 16, 2012

Play"room" No More...

K, C, G

Now that we are mostly unpacked & childproofed we have decided to free our little guys. Well mostly. Instead of containing them in an area, we have decided to just block them from certain areas like the kitchen (gated) their bathroom (closed door) and our bedroom/bathroom (closed door.) We feel like they should have access to the furniture & us when they want & that they need to be free to learn how to behave in the whole house. I also felt like closing them in might have been inhibiting Caden & Kellan from walking sooner. It may not have, but as a mom & I'm sure I'm not the only mom who does it, but I second guess & worry constantly about the boys meeting their milestones.


Caden helping out with laundry

So, going to the bathroom by myself has become a bit more challenging but getting the boys to the dining room for meals has gotten a whole lot easier! Now I can just ask "ready to eat?" & they all come running :) I'm doing a lot less picking up & carrying around & more just lifting them out & putting them down.

C, K, G

The boys seem to have forgotten they have toys though. They hang out by the kitchen gate or chase each other up & down the hall. The remaining boxes seem to be quite intriguing too. They like to pick things up & put them up on boxes or tables or over the kitchen gate. They love watching their videos on the big TV Instead of on the laptop, if they would just sit down back by the couch instead of standing right in front of the television.

 Haddie got so jelous of Kellan messing with the disasher door that she got up on it, lol...

 G & K

C & K

We have become minimalist for the time being. We're hanging more photos on the walls instead of sitting them on tables  & we have left the majority of our chotchkies packed up & in storage. So far the boys mind pretty well, we've had one set of fingers closed in a drawer & one fall off a table shelf (about 8" off the floor.) It has been a little more of a challenge for me to get certain things done around the house, as soon as I'm seen heading for a door all 3 boys race towards it & I'm not sure if ou know how hard it is to get laundry through a door while blocking 3 toddlers from going through the door at the same time, well it is impossible!!! So I am thinking maybe gates are in store for the doorways too.

 K & G


 Caden was the first to get on the shelf & the first to fall off.

Garren rearranging the toys (he couldn't get the chair to move)

They still have the area that was their playroom as a play area & all their toys are still there. We also have their bedroom if we really need to contain them, or the "superyard" which I may end up breaking my ankle on if I have to climb over it anymore, but so far I like that they have free run of most of our home.

 Cheerio time! K, G, C

G, K, C

Haddie & Kellan


  1. I can't believe how big they are! Love the fluffy bums. :)

  2. I have the same philosophy. They are blocked from the kitchen, for safety reasons, but are free to roam the rest of the main floor. Funny enough, despite all of the toys that they have, ours also prefer to play with something non-kid related!



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