Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We really have never had a hard fast bedtime routine. It has changed & evolved with feeding schedules & busy boys. We started out reading after the last bottle (when they couldn't get away or attack us & fight over the books.) Then it was just last bottle, jammies & bed. Then we stuck brushing teeth in there at some point. Baths have never been part of bedtime, it takes too long to get 3 of them bathed before bed & Donna isn't always home at the samse time, so baths are a daytime event. More recently our routine has been a snack at 6:45ish, Jammies at 7, tooth brushing at 7:15ish & bed at 7:30. The boys were having a little difficulty unwinding to even get dressed for bed, so we have incorporated Baby Signing Time or Baby Einstein videos into our routine & it has worked wonderfully, especially for Caden & Kellan who are glued to the videos whenever I put them in!

In case you want details, I start the video which last about a half hour. During the time that the video is on, they may have a snack, they get diapers, jammies, teeth brushed & cuddles. When the video is over we put them in bed, still about 7:30pm.

 Caden, Donna, Garren & Kellan

Kellan barely moves during the video, except to have us change his clothes :)
Caden doesn't take his eyes off the TV, but moves around quite a bit.
Garren is still a busy busy bee, poking & petting & hugging his moms & brothers <3

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