Friday, August 3, 2012

"The Never Ending Move" Comes To An End

We finally have all our belongings in our new home. Even though we aren't completely unpacked, it feels great to have our stuff & to have a sense of permanency. Our plan is to stay here (in this apartment) until we figure out where we want to buy, if we want to stay here or head a little further south.

 There were so many boxes we ran out of places to stack them

 So happy to see our couch again

 and our bed

 The boys were crowded out of the dining room

but they were not phased by the boxes at all

I am looking forward to getting settled, exploring the area a little more, & meeting some new friends. I have been a little disappointed so far in finding a Mothers of Multiples group or even a moms group or play group. I have run across a MoMs group online but get no response, so I don't know if it is active or not. I met a woman that has 2 year old triplet girls, I asked her about a group but she said she has been unsuccessful in finding one too. There is a big group in Jax, I was just hoping to find one closer to home.

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