Sunday, August 26, 2012

He Finally Did It!!!


The first to sit up, crawl, pull up & cruise the furniture has finally decided to join his brothers & WALK!!! {@ 15 months 3 weeks actual, 13 months adjusted}

He isn't super steady yet, but at almost 30 lbs it's a lot to balance & coordinate, lol... He has been persistent this week going from just a couple steps on Monday to as many as 10-12 steps today. 
It is a good thing they are finally all walking to because they are really getting too heavy to tote around, especially during the times one of us has to carry two!   
Just in case you think life gets crazier with walkers... It actually gets easier when you have multiples :) I no longer have to pick each one up & carry them one by one to where I want them, crib, high chair, etc. now I say "time to eat" & they walk right up to their high chairs, or I say "nap time" and they all walk to their room. It's SO nice to NOT have them contained in one area & have to run them back & forth one by one!!! Also now in restaurants, instead of holding them all & breaking our backs waiting for a table & 3 high chairs, they will stand with us. Right now Garren will even walk beside us, it won't be long before the other two are just as steady :)

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