Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainy Day At The Zoo

c, G, K with a Florida Panther

Sunday we met up with Autumn, Steven & Chandler (my sister & family) at the Jacksonville Zoo. We walked around & saw a few animals before stopping for lunch, but before we finished eating our lunches the sky opened up & let loose!!! We tried waiting the rain out, hoping it would be a typical FL storm and pass quickly, but it wasn't & it didn't. :o( 

We tried to see a few more animals as we made our way towards the exit but they had all taken cover from the rain. 

The boys didn't seem to mind the rain at all, they rode in their wagon & got completely soaked. While I work hard at that "mom of the year" award, Sunday I failed miserably by forgetting graham crackers to snack on & fruit to go with their lunches. I also managed to remember swimsuits but not towels & I brought my camera with a perfectly dead battery :)  I think I got about 8 photos before it completely died on me. So no super cute photos of the boys soaked in the rain :(

 An Otter

 I love reptiles!!!

I know you're pretty happy I got those shots of the birds, lol...

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  1. As long as you don't forget one of the kids, you're still up for the award in my book.



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