Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend & More "Firsts"

My dad & bonus mom came up Saturday morning to spend the weekend with us, while I had great plans for the weekend, it was just too hot & humid to be outside for too long. So Saturday we got a couple things done around the apartment since we had a couple of extra pairs of hands to wrangle the boys. We have wanted to add a little color to the walls, but painting has proven challenging with the boys, so we took advantage of having a little help & got at least a.little color added to the dining room. Marie also helped me rearrange the boys furniture in their room & organize their clothes, now to just get rid of some of the stuff they have outgrown.

After dinner we decided it was time for the boys' first swim in the big pool...

Kellan loved it! No qualms about it, he went right in & started kicking around, he leaned his head back in the water & even attempted the floating position all on his own. He also really liked standing in front of the jet. Lol...

Caden was pretty unsure at first, he cried a little but eventually warmed up to it. He liked being in the raft the best & towards the end he was comfortable enough to lean back & attemp to float.

Grandma & Caden

Grandpa & Kellan

Garren also had no issues with being in the water, he even attempted to let go & swim, of course he sank & his face went into the water but even that didn't seem to bother him much.

Mommy & Garren

A rare occasion... A photo of me with Caden.

Grandpa & Kellan

Caden & I

Thursday night when I was out getting groceries for the weekend, I stopped in Goodwill. I've been keeping an eye out for wooden dining room chairs to hold booster seats. Our dining chairs are fabric & we didn't want to put the boys on them. Well Thursday I finally scored 3 chairs for a whopping $9.99, so Friday I put the high chairs on Craigslist & Saturday while we were out getting paint we stopped in Target & picked up booster seats. Sunday morning was the boys' first meal at the table. It was different for them & has taken a little getting use to but it's so nice to not have to squeeze between the table & the high chairs & even nicer not washing high chair trays!!!

Caden, Garren, Kellan

Garrens expressions are so funny, he's like really, are we doing this again, pictures while we're eating?!?!?

Caden is a happy camper!

Kellan doesn't care where the food is
as long as there is food!

Sunday we took dad & Marie out to St Simon's Island.

 Kellan, Garren, Caden, Grandma & Grandpa
And Sunday night Marie & I made homemade pizzas!

Another rare photo, myself & Marie


The finished products

Monday was sort of a lazy day, we hung out at the apartment while dad & Marie got ready to head back home.
It was a fun fun weekend, I always love seeing the boys with their grandparents & it is so fun watching them intract with them, make my heart warm :o)

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