Friday, March 30, 2012

11 Months Old!!!

{8 1/2 Months Adjusted}


That is all I can really say...

Only a month until our babies are a whole year old. I just cannot believe how fast it has gone by!!!

Well for the boys 11 month birthday, we moved :o)
It's just the first part of our move, but none the less, we moved. We are currently staying with my parents while we house hunt.

The boys are growing so much & learning something new it seems everyday.

Caden is crawling all over the place & pulling up on his knees. He has turned into the biggest love bug. When Donna or I pick him up, he wraps his arms around our neck & squeezes. He climbs on us when we lay on the floor & snuggles with us. His smile is contagious & his dimples are starting to really come out. He still likes to jump like a wild baby in their jumpers & exersaucer, but he doesn't like to be in them for too long, he prefers cruising around the house on his knees, exploring new rooms.

Kellan is still crawling & he is now pulling up to his feet. He has taken a few steps holding on to a toy train. He thinks standing is the greatest feat yet & he laughs & smiles & cracks up the whole time he's doing it!!! He is still a big love bug. He loves to give & get kisses. He spends a lot of the day sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth & blowing. He does it so much, Garren has caught on & started doing it too. Kellan has also found a best friend in Eason, they like to share toys & bones. Kellan also sits & pets Eason or lays on him & gives him kisses. They are both so sweet & Eason is the best pup with babies & kids.

Garren has not decided to join his brothers in crawling. He rolls & spins to get to where he wants to be. He has recently started using his toes/feet to push forward if something is just out of reach. I think he may just skip crawling??? He is already putting his hands up on top of tables & other things above him. I'm hoping that means he will learn to pull up soon. Garren is more vocal than his brothers, always babbling something. He mimics sounds & spontaneously says words, he has most recently said "bye bye" & "Haddie." He is also the clown of the trio right now. He laughs insanely & shakes his head uncontrollably when I ask him if he's silly.

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