Sunday, April 1, 2012

Part 1 Of Our Move...

The first part of our move went as smoothly as can be expected when you are moving to a temporary location with three 11 month olds in tow.

There was a lot of stuff we had to bring for the boys, a lot more than we had originally anticipated. We had planned on packing up the boys stuff, loading it & leaving Wednesday evening at the boys bedtime. It's hard to pack up all the baby stuff in advance because the boys use their things ALL THE TIME. It ended up being more than we could get done in less than a day so we left Thursday morning.

The drive went smoothly, we got on the road at 10am, we stopped at 12 to feed the boys lunch & then again at 1pm for their bottles & our lunch. We stopped one more time for gas & snacks at about 4pm & arrived at my parents at 5pm, just in time to feed the boys dinner :o)

We got unpacked & settled in Thursday night & Friday. The boys are adjusting well for 3 boys in a new place & teething. Their day time routine is good, but they are having a little trouble falling & staying asleep. I honestly think it has more to do with their teeth than the new surroundings. I have stocked up on Hylands Teething Tabs & am praying for a good night tonight.

Our temporary digs, aka my parents house :)

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