Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Check-Up with the "Helmet Man" (our last???)

Well, what a busy day the boys & I had today!!!

We are getting ready to leave on Wednesday & had a couple last minute doctors appointments we needed to get in.

We started out with a check-up at the plastic surgeons office. This is who the "helmet man" actually is :o) We avoided another bad experience & had our appointment with the actual doctor today. I thought this may be our last appointment with them & wanted his input & recommendation if the boys needed follow up when we got to FL. Todays scans are a little deceiving, it the picture it looks like Caden's head is perfect & that Kellan & Garren still need improvement. In reality Caden still has quite a flat area lower on the side/back of his head. Kellan's scan is pretty accurate & Garren's head is pretty perfect. The doctor checked them all out himself & Garren was released from wearing his helmet!!! YAY!!! Now I can snuggle & kiss his actual head & not that dumb helmet :) The doctor said that they don't really have children wear the helmets much after they reach 1 year in age. They get to a point when they can take them off themselves & it gets pretty difficult to keep them on them & also their heads get too big for the helmets. Caden's helmet is already set on the largest setting, so once it gets too tight, he will be done. When I asked about follow up in FL he said to just follow up here when we are back the end of April & they will release Caden & Kellan. The boys heads will continue to improve on their own, since their growth slows significantly from here forward we probably won't really notice it changing but usually by age 2 their ears are realigned & that is the last thing to straighten out.

 Garren, first scan & yesterdays scan

 Kellan, first scan & yesterdays scan

Caden, first scan & yesterdays scan

After that appointment I fed the boys lunch in the waiting area & then drove around for about an hour so they could get some kind of nap in. I grabbed lunch from a drive thru & then headed to our next appointment...

We have been battling reoccurring ear infections with Kellan & Caden. Kellan was on his 3rd round of antibiotics, changing up which one he was taking each time & Caden was on his second antibiotic. Thankfully they were both all cleared up & Dr H checked Garren just to be sure he was still clear too :) Greatest pediatrician EVER!!! I don't know how I'm ever going to find another like her :(

After surviving 2 doctors appointments with 3 babies in a 5 hour period, I headed to McDonalds for a milkshake, make that a Mocha Frappe' for my hard work :o) The boys were really good today, as they are most days. So I didn't really have to work all that hard, but I did enjoy my frozen coffee beverage!

Just in case you are wondering how I got us all out of our 3rd floor apartment, Donna came home & helped us. And just in case you are wondering why she didn't go to these appointments today, well, because it was her last day of work here. She is going in tomorrow morning to take breakfast to her employees & to pack up her office. She will report to work at her new station on Monday :)

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