Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We had beautiful weather this past weekend here, not to cold, not too warm. The sun was shining & the breeze was ever so slight. Perfect for getting the boys out for some fresh air & sunshine!
I've been dying to take the boys to a playground with bucket seat swings, so that's where we headed...

Bucket seat swings are perfect for 2 babies...

 Caden paired with Garren

 Garren paired with Caden

 Kellan paired with Garren



 Garren & I


 Garren & Kellan

 Mama & Caden

 Garren & Caden

We had so much fun & I think the boys really liked swinging. I got the idea to put two of them in one swing on another blog & since there were only 2 bucket seats it worked out well. The boys were squeezed in pretty tight though, I don't think they will be able to swing together for too long. 

After the playground we went to Reynolda Village & went for a walk. Donna really enjoyed pushing the stroller uphill :o)


  1. For some reason, I hadn't thought about the swings at the park....until today. Two other moms told me about putting their babies in the swings for the first time this past weekend. I love the idea of putting two babies into one swing. I will definitely try that (and of course, give you guys full credit for the idea!).

    1. LOL... I stole the idea myself from another twin blog, so take the credit yourself :o)



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