Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Helmets Can't Do It All...

Caden & Kellan are all over the place lately, crawling, climbing & pulling up to their knees. I have given them free range of their play room & the living to encourage crawling & more specifically pulling up. Their isn't anything in their play room to safely pull up on. I thought the couch & leather upholstered coffee table would be great for this sort of thing. Well the couch seems to be a little high for their taste right now & even with a bunch of their toys on top of it, the coffee table isn't all that appealing either. It seems the boys prefer the challenge of the not so stable exersaucer & jumpers. They have fallen backwards (and forwards) several times & thankfully their helmets have softened the blows. They cry out of shock or frustration, but go right back to what they were doing in a matter of seconds. Well friday night Cadens helmet could not protect his face... He was pulling up on the exersaucer, he turned to see if our friends were watching him & he slipped, falling forward/sideways & scraping his face. There was a little blood & a few tears, but nothing a little neosporin & moms hug couldn't fix right up.

These photos are from the next morning. I thought he may end up with a black eye with the one scrape being so close, it was a little red for about a day, but that was it. 
He has proven to be a little toughy :o)

Looking tough, lol...


  1. OMG that second picture is PRECIOUS!!!! Poor lil guy. Kiss the boo boo for me!

  2. We are definitely leading parallel lives! I'm sure I'll be posting a picture like that soon enough!

  3. As the mom of just ONE son, I can assure you that these are the first of many more owies to come! It looks like they are really tough fellas though! Very cute!



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