Thursday, March 8, 2012


Now that the boys are moving around & going where they want on their own, it is so interesting to see what catches their attention & is intriguing to them. Autumn brought up a train when she was here in January. It's one the boys will be able to stand behind & push when they reach that stage & then will be able to sit on & ride when they are a little bigger. Well since they aren't ready for it yet, it has been sitting in the corner of their playroom.

I've been leaving the gate open to the playroom so the boys can explore different (baby friendly) areas. Caden usually finds his way into the playroom & is entranced by this train. He pulls himself up onto his knees & plays with everything on the train that moves or makes noise.

Kellan has also found his way into the playroom & has discovered the ball popper we got them for Christmas that didn't seem to impress them at all. It's not the popping balls that are entertaining, it's the little flap on the back of the dinosaur that flips when tapped, Kellan loves it & will keep flipping & flipping & flipping...

Garren who can't quite make it into the playroom via rolling is also discovering new things on his own. Until we get moved I am using empty diaper boxes to sort their toys (& to store clothes.) Garren has figured out he can take things out & put things in the boxes. He has also started placing toys on top of other toys or objects & then picking them back up.

I love to just sit back & watch what they what they find on their own :o)

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