Friday, March 16, 2012

Asparagus, Spinach & Lima Beans Take II

As we prepare to move, I am trying to use up all the food we have on hand. When taking note of what we had in the freezer I ran across some frozen pureed asparagus, spinach & lima beans, so I thought we would try each of them again.

I didn't have enough asparagus for a 4 day trial & the boys didn't care for it the first time so I thought I would mix it with green beans to stretch it over 4 days & to slowly sneak in the new flavor.
They went for it & loved it :o)

I had plenty of spinach but thought I would tone down the flavor a bit with some other veggies. I have been experimenting with different fruit & veggie combinations since we introduced meat, so I thought it might help the boys acquire a taste for a few of the veggies they had difficulty with. I blended the spinach with peas & carrots & the boys ate it up too :o)

The boys didn't have any issues eating lima beans the first time, but they were dry & gave the boys quite a bit of gas at bedtime. This time I added a little pureed apple & fed it to them for lunch.




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