Saturday, February 15, 2014

Update On My Dad

It was a rough week for my family! I don't know that I've experienced anything quite as scary as a loved one on a ventilator?! Well maybe giving birth to triplets at 29 weeks gestation??? Being confronted with the possibility of losing a parent is no joke! I had a hard time holding back my tears for a few days there & wow, do I ever think of things with my & Donna's parents, the boys grandparents differently.

My parents are pretty young, I've never had to worry about their health until recent years. My dad's lung cancer a couple years ago that was easily removed with surgery & required no chemo or radiation & then my bonus dad's throat cancer last year which required much more aggressive treatment & more time to overcome but both of my dads prevailed proving once again that they were invincible. 

This week I have found myself savoring the time the boys spend with each of their grandparents & saving the Valentines Day cards they received in the mail.

Anyways, my dad has improved, it took a couple days to get him off the vent & then he was on CPAP for a day & finally a nasal cannula which he may always need. Thursday he was moved out of ICU & into intermediate care. Today he was released to go home.

There was a little mystery for a couple of days as to what exactly he had but the final verdict was what they had originally diagnosed, toxic shock & pneumonia. He has also been diagnosed now with COPD. This is something he will always have which is why he may always need oxygen but we will see, he's pretty stubborn & may work hard with the respiratory therapist just to prove the doctors wrong :)
We can only hope anyways!

Thank you all again for the continued thoughts & prayers!!!

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