Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Come on Babe"

Tuesday I took the boys to the playground later in the day than usual. There were a few more kids there than our usual time which was nice for the boys.

Caden played on the ground in the mulch with the plane he brought & another little boy, maybe a year or so older played with him pretending to be a plane & crashing into the mulch next to him.

Kellan just wanted to run! So I ended up leading him to something to climb & waiting for him at the bottom on the slides. I had to chase him quite a few times too!

Garren took notice of a little girl. She was older but her mom stuck close by her, she was very sweet & outgoing. Her name was Jordan & she was 7 years old. She was tiny thing but had no fear! Garren & Jordan followed each other around, helped each other climb, took turns going down the slides. At one point Garren wanted her to climb the rock wall with him & as she came off the slide he reached his hand out to her & said "come on babe" lol... She giggled & told her mom who was standing close by "he called me babe." They continued to play & chat with each other.

It wasn't super obvious at first but after watching & listening to Jordan for a little bit I noticed she had cerebral palsy. Her mom had asked me if the boys were born early & of course I answered yes & told her 29 weeks. She told me that Jordan had been born at 25 weeks. A little later she shared that Jordan was a surviving twin. She had a lot of difficulties in her 100 days in the NICU. She was on a ventilator for 2 months, had several brain bleeds & had retinopathy. She goes for PT, OT & Speech therapy. She's an adorable little girl & hearing her story reminded me of just how lucky we are to have 3 healthy boys. 

We decided to leave when Jordan & her mom left. Kellan did his typical running & Caden followed suit, Garren however walked hand in hand with Jordan & her mom all the way to their car. It was so sweet!!! I wish I would have taken a picture but I was busy chasing my runners! 

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  1. "Come on babe!" That's hilarious. Where did he learn that?!



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