Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Speech Therapy Digs

I got a call last month from Wolfson Children's that they were ready for for the boys (we had been on their waiting list since October) They had evaluation appointments available for the boys immediately but we already had plans to be out of town. It wasn't a big deal, they had openings the very next week.

Caden took the first appointment which was on a Monday. The place was great! It's an office setting & the therapy room is a small, contained room. The therapist worked at a kid sized table & incorporated her evaluation into whatever Caden wanted to play with. She gave him a few options & changed out what he wasn't playing with frequently to keep his attention. They worked together for an hour & Caden did not have a single tantrum, there wasn't a power struggle between him & the therapist & he left just as happy as he arrived, of course he got a sticker for playing so well :)
His results were as we expected, he still needs speech therapy.

I had to reschedule Garren & Kellans appointments that week due to the stomach flu we all had :(

Kellans new appointment was last Monday, I made it back from Gainesville just in time to take him. His appointment was exactly the same as Caden's & his results were the same as well.

Garren's appointment was the next day but due to my dads condition in the hospital I had to reschedule Garren once again. I finally got him in yesterday & he does not need speech therapy, which was also not a surprise since he does enough talking for all 3 of the boys.

All 3 of the boys actually scored better than they did on their 6 month re-evaluation with the old therapist. I think it really had to do with the setting & the therapist working with them instead of trying to control them. I think we're all going to enjoy the new place & the new therapist! :)

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