Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Totally Impressed!

Caden & Kellan had their first speech therapy appointment at Wolfsons this past Friday. Originally Caden was the only one scheduled but they had a spot held for Kellan while they waited for insurance approval. As I was packing up the diaper bag & getting ready to head out it struck me that I wasn't sure if they had heard back from the insurance company yet & I didn't know for sure if we would be there a half hour or an hour, so I called to see...

Megan is the incredibly sweet & super efficient receptionist there, they hadn't received approval for Kellan yet but she was going to make some calls to see what she could find out. I went ahead & packed some snacks just in case. By the time we arrived for Caden's appointment (aprox 30 minutes) she had Kellan's approval! 

There was some poor planning on my part for their first appointments. Donna had a conference call marathon on Friday & could not come to the appointment. Ideally, I would have gone back with each of the boys as they got therapy & she would have stayed with the other 2 in the waiting area. It was too late to call in help from anyone else when I realized this so I hoped & prayed that each of them would willingly go back with the therapist on their own & not completely freak out!

To my amazement they took Megan's hand & walked back to the therapist! They each had a 30 minute one on one appointment & came back happy as could be with a sticker! Ms BJ had great reports on both of them, Caden did a lot of talking & Kellan resisted until she got an airplane out & then he said "want airplane" & so on. 

Since their ONE appointment both boys have been a lot more verbal! I'm so happy & excited to hear their sweet little voices more & more!

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