Thursday, February 6, 2014

Play Date With Cousins

My sister Autumn & I have been trying to get together more often for play dates. We only live 1.5 hours apart but we barely see each other. So our New Years resolution is to alternate the drive & get together every other week. Since the weather was crappy here & we don't have a lot of indoor play options, I headed to Jax this week.

Crazy boys & their hats! 

We found a fun little place called Discovery House to take the kids to. The boys headed straight to the animal room when we arrived where they pet a bunny & looked at a turtle. There were also some toy snakes & dinosaurs in there. Chandler loved the snakes but the boys really aren't into toy animals yet, they LOVE the real thing though!

Kellan, Caden & Garren checking out the bunny...

Oh he's soft & friendly, lots of giggles :)

It's hard to see the turtle but he's right next to gardens head

There was an open play area with everything from building blocks to dress up clothes. Chandler loved the magnetic toys & the grocery carts. Caden held onto a giant helicopter the entire time we were there. Kellan & Garren went from one thing to the next, the building blocks & car area to the magnets, to the kitchen, and on & on. They had a great time playing in the playhouse, opening & closing doors I think may be their favorite pastime, lol...

Knock knock... Who's there...

Rocking llama???

There is also an art room where they have supplies for just about any art or craft project you can think of! We were going to paint but as soon as the boys discovered paint brushes in a bucket of water next to the chalkboard wall they were hooked on painting with water! It was an awesome idea since there is really no mess to clean :) After the water painting the boys all tried their hand at making a bracelet, Chandler was into it but the boys just wanted to play in the beads.

Chandler & the boys had a great time water painting!

After all that playing the kids were all hungry so we headed out for some lunch, can I just tell you how fun it is to get 5 kids, one in a stroller, into a restaurant, (in pouring rain none the less) get high chairs & booster seats rounded up for 4 & keep 4 of the 5 said kids from running off with just 2 adults, lol...
It was well worth it & the restaurant staff was very helpful, another patron even offered to babysit... The baby! lol... We said we'd keep the baby he could watch all of the boys :)

You scream, I scream, we all scream... Not really for ice cream but just because we are happy boys together & cannot contain our excitement!

Little Miss Nadia was with us & she was not ignored at all but my phone only saved about every 3rd photo I took & I didn't realize it until our date was almost over, so I have nothing with her sweet little face. The boys over her, Caden kept petting her & saying baby. Kellan & Garren both point to her & say her name.

It was a fun & busy day, the boys wore me out & I was in bed by 10:30! We're looking forward to out next play date in 2 weeks & hope the weather is nice so we can play someplace fun like maybe the beach?!? Or at least a playground :)


  1. Man you're brave to go to a restaurant with 3 2-yr olds! The girls are nuts these days, so restaurants can be tough (when I have at least 1 other person with me!).

    1. Lol... I didn't use to do it without Donna but the boys want to be out of the house so much more now it's hard to not go alone especially if said restaurant has a playground which is more what we go for anyways these days.
      However we have taken the boys to restaurants regularly since they were 2 months old & they have always done really well. We have only had to pack up & leave once & it was really another couples fault who's little girl was running around the restaurant which made the boys want to get down & run & when we wouldn't let them one had total meltdown



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