Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Looong Weekend!!!

We had a nice Thanksgiving & Donna worked on Friday. Saturday we were getting ready to make some paper ornaments with the boys when Donnas mom called... Her dad was back in the hospital. It wasn't really serious but when your dad is in his 80s & your mom isn't too far behind, you go to them!

At first we were all going to go & then I convinced Donna it would be better for just her to go. She would be going back & forth to the hospital with her mom & the cardiac floor is really no place to take 3, 2 year olds. So if I was going to be at the house alone with the boys I just assumed stay home with their toys, their beds, our child locks & patiently wait for good news & Donnas return.

So Donna headed down & the boys & I stayed home. Her dads blood pressure got really low & he passed out at home, her mom called an ambulance because he's had a couple of problems with internal bleeding & of course wanted to make sure he wasn't having any other kind of problems. He's had a lot of stomach issues lately also which is what led up to the passing out. They got his blood pressure regulated & ran some test, including a colonoscopy this morning. Nothing serious showed up in any of the tests & he was finally sent home this afternoon.

Donna arrived home just in time to dress the boys for bed & tuck them in. They of course were super excited she was home & did not want to go to bed so she hung out with them for a little bit in their beds.

The boys & I kept busy with a visit from their Aunt Mindy & little cousin Aliyah on Sunday & grocery shopping & a trip to the playground on monday but for some reason The weekend seemed to drag on forever!!! It feels like the holiday weekend was a month long & I am one tired mommy & happy to be off of single mom duty!

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