Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

I really wasn't sure about putting up a Christmas tree this year. The boys are in such a destructive stage & I really didn't want to spend the entire month running interference between the boys & the tree but after the boys watched their first Christmas video, Thomas of course, & we saw how excited they got over Santa & the Christmas tree in the video, Donna really wanted to put up a tree.

I found a good Black Friday deal on an already inexpensive artificial tree. It's shorter than our normal tree & lighter, so if it does get tipped it won't hurt anyone & if the boys happen to break it, I won't cry :)
We were going to get some dollar store ornaments but decided to make some paper ornaments with the boys help.

So Tuesday night when Donna got home from work we put the tree up. Before we could get any decorations on the tree the boys started decorating it themselves with their trains, trucks, tractors & cars, lol...
They have thrown some other toys at the tree but overall they've been pretty good with it.

Kellan, Garren, Caden 

Every morning they come out & announce "treeeee!" & we have to plug it in & keep the lights on all day long.

I love watching them drive their trucks into the tree or their trains on it & I LOVE that I'm not stressed over the boys touching it & that I could just laugh today when Kellan got his tractor stuck on a wire & pulled the tree over, lol...


  1. That is a perfect idea and the added decorations (underwear) finish it off.

  2. Bahahaha! These boys crack me up. The funny thing is that I really like the way the tree looks with trucks in it, ha. It's definitely a boy tree. ;)



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