Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Claus Craft

I've been amazed at just how interested the boys have been in Christmas characters & objects. I wasn't sure they'd really get it all yet but they have been so enthusiastic about all of it!

Before we headed off to actually meet Santa in person the boys & I worked on a fun Santa craft. During nap time I gathered some card stock, pom poms, cotton & bobble eyes. I cut some face shapes out of white & beige paper (I didn't have 3 of either color so I used some of each) & some Santa hats out of the red paper.

When the boys woke up from their nap we put the Santas together. I spread the glue & the boys put the pieces together. Their favorite part was of course the cotton beards. Kellan grabbed a handful of cotton and ran off with it... Caden pulled his cotton balls apart & spread them around Santa's face & hat before he decided to pile the cotton balls on. Garren carefully placed each of his cotton balls on Santa making sure he fit as many as possible on. I forgot to take photos while we were working on the project but here are the finished pieces...

Ho Ho Whoa!!!

Once the glue dried I hung the Santas on the wall. I love hearing the boys say 'Santa Claus' & 'ho ho whoa' each time they notice them.

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