Friday, November 29, 2013


Stating what I'm grateful for feels a bit cheesy to me but I feel awkward letting Thanksgiving pass without acknowledging who/what I am grateful for having in our lives, so hear it goes...

I'm thankful for my little family of 5, I'm thankful Donna has a good job at a great company & is able to provide for all of us & allow me to be home with the boys (not that there would be any point to me working it would only pay for child care!) I'm thankful that despite the odds we have 3 very healthy & happy boys! I'm thankful that our boys still have all of their grandparents, all 6 of them here on earth & they get to spend time with each of them. Im thankful to still have my grandmother! I'm thankful that my bonus dad was able to actually eat Thanksgiving dinner this year & not get formula through a feeding tube like last year. I'm eternally great full for modern medicine & all the doctors & nurses that played a part in us becoming mothers to healthy babies! I'm thankful for all my triplet mom friends, I'd be even more nuts without them & for my lovely blog land friends too, I love being able to connect with families like our own! And I'm thankful for my siblings & ALL of our nieces & nephews, and I'm of course thankful for all of my friends & family near & far, new & old, thank you for being apart of our lives!

I couldn't resist another Thanksgiving photo!
The boys first Thanksgiving, 2011

Since we already celebrated last weekend, we just hung out at home today. We had the whole place cleaned  & the laundry caught up by 10am. After that we played with the boys, ate leftover pizza for lunch followed by some pumpkin pie :) and while the boys napped I worked on some quilts I've been wanting to make. We watched quite a bit of football & had chili for dinner. It was a great day just spending time together & getting a little ahead so we can just play this weekend.

I hope you are all stuffed from your yummy Thanksgiving dinners & that you all had a wonder time spending time together with your families!!!

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