Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa Hopping

Last night (posting this laye so last monday) was likely the last day Donna would get home at a decent hour until after Christmas so we made the most of it!

Santa had a visit scheduled at the clubhouse here, so we started out paying him another visit here first. There was a bit of a crowd when we walked in, not a line or anything but several spectators. Even though you would think all the stares the boys have gotten in public places would have desensitized them from it, it hasn't. Caden & Kellan are very bashful & Garren even gets uncomfortable in an unfamiliar places. Once someone offered up candy canes all was well though! The boys talked to Santa a little but where very interested in the train going around the Christmas tree. We hung out for a few minutes letting the boys play a bit & then we headed out to find Santa visiting in his next location...

We pulled up to what was suppose to be a "Winter Wonderland" but it was just a half empty tree lot with a beardless Santa. We didn't even get out of the car & headed off to Santa stop #3...

One of Donna's employees owns a restaurant on the island, he told Donna that Santa would be there tonight so that was our next stop. we actually went in & had dinner before visiting Santa one last time. The boy could see him from where we sat & said his name & chanted "ho ho ho, merry Christmas" while we ate. Once we were done the boys were ready to see him up close! The last visit was probably the best of all. The boys loved the elf helping santa out, his reindeer & all the gifts under his Christmas tree. They were even kind of partial to Santa himself.

Kellan & Garren in Santas lap, Caden checking out the reindeer
Garren going in for a BIG hug!
Maybe 3 Santas in one night was a bit much, but the boys seemed to have a good time & we were thoroughly entertained watching them greet Santa each time. It was a fun night & should hold us over for the next week while Donna is swamped at work.

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