Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Lights & Cookie Baking

Saturday night after Donna got home from work we bundled the boys up & headed out to find some Christmas lights. We missed the tree lighting on Jekyll Island but thought since they had one in the historic area that they would have nice lights to see... They barely had any Christmas decorations at all :( They did have a tree & one house had a giant wreath. The Island Club had some lights but I was pretty disappointed overall that the whole historic area wasn't dine up for Christmas.

Anyways we drove around the island & did find a fun Christmas light display & a spectacular lighted oak tree.

Only in Coastal GA would you find sea turtles
in the Christmas light display

We had fun riding around listening to the boys say "Christmas lights" & "Christmas tree, where the Christmas tree go?!" Garren asks everywhere we go to see see the Christmas trees, we circle through target several times before we check out these days, lol...

Sunday we went out to my mom & bonus dads to bake cookies. When we still lived in FL we had a cookie baking weekend every Christmas & had our parents & friends & neighbors over to make yummy Christmas treats. We haven't done it in a few years so it was nice to do it even with just us & my parents. The boys are very into coloring & painting these days so I was really excited to see how they liked decorating Christmas cookies.

Everyone getting ready to help & Caden helping out at the mixer

Kellan eating molasses out of the jar & Garren & Kellan eating cookie dough as I'm trying to roll it out

Kellan getting ready to taste the flour
& Caden & Garren decorating cookies

Garren, Kellan & Caden

Caden helping roll & Garren on quality control

The boys loved every part of making cookies! They loved tasting every single ingredient, right down to the flour. They helped mix, roll & cut cookie dough & they were not shy about eating the cookie dough or the cooked cookies as they came out of the oven. I forget how tall they have gotten & even though we put the cookies on a tall cooling rack towards the back of the counter they could still reach up & grab them. No use in trying to limit the number of cookies eaten on baking day! I have absolutely no idea just how many any of them they ate but I will say they did not eat lunch or dinner Sunday, lol... Kellan wasn't really interested in decorating the cookies but Garren & Caden did a great job decorating the cookies & each other! The boys also had a great time visiting & playing with "grandma & poppy!"

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