Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas; Round 2

Friday, while Donna worked I scurried around, getting all our laundry done & packing for a few days of visiting our parents in Central FL. Two of my sisters & their families were already at my parents & planning to leave Saturday afternoon, so I wanted to have everything packed & loaded so we could just get up & go Saturday morning to get there in time for a 10 am brunch.

Saturday morning we woke up early, quickly got dressed, got the boys in the van & the dogs & then couldn't find the cat... Donna searched & searched... Apparently Miss Murphee wasn't feeling a trip to grandma & grandpas house :( I finally switched with Donna (she hung out in the van with the boys while I searched) I went though each room closing doors behinds me so she couldn't switch up hiding places. I finally found her under the couch, I didn't think she could fit under there anymore? I reached under for her but she moved further away, I finally had to turn both parts of the couch on their backs so she couldn't keep running from one to the other & I was able to corner her in the hall. We were 45 minutes late leaving at this point not to mention it was raining & traffic was heavier than normal :(

I text my bonus mom letting her know we were on our way but late & not to wait for us. Our drive was uneventful but we were an hour late & my bonus sister & her family had to leave just before we arrived so we missed them. 

The boys were excited to see grandma & grandpa & their aunt Autumn, uncle Steven & cousins Chandler & Nadia. The boys all played & we visited & ate a bit before opening Christmas gifts.

Little Miss Nadia loves her Aunt Da! Caden & Garren showered her with kisses & she finally took a cat nap.

Autumn & our dad, Chandler & the bedding set we got him, Caden & Kellan with MomMom opening their new small appliances from Aunt O & Uncle Steven, and Grandma & Grandpa.

Chandler opening a gift for his baby sister, a Cabbage Patch
Doll from us & the boys opening lots of gifts including a
Thomas train track from Aunt Meg & Uncle Aaron & a bowling set from
Grandma & Grandpa.

A Violet pet for Nadia, chandler opening some slippers from Grandma & Grandpa & Caden admiring the new Thomas track.

Garren playing with his new mixer, Uncle Steven, Me & Nadia, all the boys & Autumn holding up a cute dress that Nadia got.

Chandler opening a wooden train track for Grandma & Grandpa.
Donna in shock over the boys getting a guitar/keyboard, lol...
A little selfie fun for Nadia & I & showing off her
baby rolls with Aunt Da.

The kids loved everything and I love my new king size crock pot! My sister & her family had to head home that afternoon & we headed to Donnas parents for a little more Christmas fun. The boys were spoiled more with toy golf bags, teddy bears, more trains, books, puzzles & Christmas cash :)

We stayed with Donna's parents for a few days. It was the first time we had since the boys have been out of cribs. Donna's mom always gives up her room for us but we still had to come up with a makeshift bed for the boys. A couple years ago I bought a Pea Pod for my nephew who had a hard time sleeping in a pack n play so I though why not a jumbo size pea pod, a small 2 person tent? So that is what we used. We could have used an air mattress but we wanted something that at least partially blocked the view of everything in Grandmas room they could get into. The tent with a memory foam pad in the bottom & all their blankets from home worked perfect.

It rained for most of our time there but we did sneak in some time outside. We good the boys tricycles hoping they would be able to ride then on Grandma & Grandpa's long driveway. Garren was the only one interested though, Caden & Kellan just wanted to play in the sand (big shocker there!) & be chased around the yard. Garren did master pedaling though with the help of a slight slope in the driveway & he had a great time riding!

We forgot their helmets at home

Monday Donna had to go into the office (the closest one to us which happened to be her old station) for a few minutes so the boys & I rode with her. When she finished what she needed to do we went looking for a fast food place with an indoor playground for the boys. It was muddy outside from the rain. We found one & stopped. A lady with 4 kids came in right behind us, when they were all playing I noticed 2 of her girls looked to be the same age, then a third one came down the slide & I thought they could be triplets. When their mother came back I asked & sure enough, they were & it was their second birthday. The last time we were down & went to a playground, there was another set of triplets. How funny is that?!?

This morning we loaded up & headed back to my parents to spend New Years with them before heading home.
I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year too!!!


  1. The tent is such a brilliant idea! And so cute, all of them sleeping there together!



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