Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Tree Craft

I wanted to do a Christmas craft advent but I started a little late to have something for everyday. We have managed to get a couple in though with supplies we did have on hand. 

We started with these Christmas Trees...

The supplies
Green card stock
Multi colored pom poms
Sparkly pipe cleaners 
Glue (I just used glitter glue to add a little more sparkle but you have to use it generously, hot glue would hold the pom poms & pipe cleaners better)

The instructions
Freehand draw a tree shape on your card stock & cut out, if you like things to match then fold your paper in half & only draw half a tree, both sides will then match. (I drew a really wonky one at first & had to use the second method to fix it)
Next I put drops of glue all over the tree, as many dots of glue as there were pom poms & then let the boys decorate their trees with the pom poms & pipe cleaners. If you have other fun supplies to use like buttons or sequins, include them too!
Let the glue dry & hang your little masterpiece(s)

The boys really liked playing with the pom poms & sticking them & their figures in the glue. They were quite entertained rolling the pom poms arounds at first & then sticking them in the glue & dabbing them all over the paper. When they finally did grow board with it I asked them to put a pom pom on every dot (glue) & they were done. Caden & Kellan did theirs quickly & moved on to something else, Garren hung out a bit longer & even wanted to put the pipe cleaners on not his own, but his brother Caden's tree :) It was a pretty simple project that came out pretty cute I think.

What are some of your favorite Christmas crafts?

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  1. Good call on putting the glue on for them. I (stupidly) gave them each a glue bottle. That was far more fun than anything else. My new trick is cutting up an egg carton and putting a bit of glue into one of the egg holders. They can apply it themselves with a popsicle stick.

    The girls are loving arts and crafts these days too. They love stickers and will happily stick them all over a piece of paper (and their table) for ages.

    I'm going to try this with them. Thanks for the idea :)



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