Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grandpa's Discount Kitchen Haircuts

Saturday night, while we were at my parents in Orlando my dad decided to get out his clippers & give the boys a haircut. Of course he discussed it with us first, I think I was the first to mention they needed haircuts. I love the barber we take the boys to but I hate forking out $$$ for 3 kids haircuts. I think kid haircuts should be ridiculously cheap & I can say so because I use to work in a salon before becoming a mom :) Kids don't sit still more than 5 minutes & the haircuts are never perfect so I just think they should be $8 or less, lol... Anyways, they're not & so we fork out $$$ every time the boys need haircuts & honestly we put it off as long as possible or until something special is coming up like the holidays :)
So my dad thought he'd give it a go & the boys were actually a lot more cooperative than I expected them to be, but sit/stand still, they did NOT!
The cuts are not as good as the barber but not as bad as I had anticipated either, well except for maybe Garren, whom Donna may have shaved a bald spot on, lol...

Kellan was the most patient & in turn has the best hair :)


  1. They look so grown up when you cut their hair off.
    I cut my kids hair. We would go broke paying for my 5 to have their hair done. Every 5th haircut I will take them to have it done professionally. They get massaged and their hair washed in the sink....they LOVE the special attention :)

    1. Don't they?! I hate it but love it all at the same time :)

      So do you have any tips for cutting 2 year olds hair??? I think I can get a nice pair of clippers for what I would pay for one round of haircuts, lol...



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