Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Twin beds that is :)

Recently we kept finding the boys snuggled up together in their tiny little toddler beds. They not only didn't fit in the beds well, they also exceeded the weight limit when piled up together. We had planned to get twin beds after the first of the year but decided we should go ahead & get them now.

We initially just got 2 twin beds & put them together. We thought since the boys wanted to sleep together anyways that getting 2 wouldn't take up their whole room & also saved us a little cash. While they did all fit & sleep together once they were asleep, 2 beds didn't provide enough room if one of them was ready to sleep & the other 2 were still playing around. 

We went back & got the third bed. We tried them individually for a night or two but still found the boys piled up in one together, so we pushed them all together & it has worked out perfectly so far. We haven't found actual beds (frames) we like yet so the boys are just on mattress & box springs on the floor. We do need to get them up off the floor to limit the running & jumping on the beds. The boys act like we just got them a big trampoline!

It has been a bit of a transition switching to twin beds. The boys don't lay right down & go to sleep anymore but they aren't up all night either. They play & wrestle around about a half hour or so before finally falling to sleep. Sometime we have to go in & remind them it's bed time or tell them to get back in the beds but overall they are are doing great.

We'll see how our upcoming trip to FL goes, it will be our first trip out of cribs :-/

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  1. So very sweet. I love that they cuddle and sleep so well together.



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