Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Trip Sans Cribs

Donna had a training class back in Orlando this past week, so the boys, the pups, the kitty & I all packed up & headed down with her to get some quality grandparent time in.
Trains, trains & more trains!
Thanks Aunt Meg for leaving these at Grandma & Grandpa's.

I was a little nervous about how this trip would go since the boys are no longer in cribs (or pack n plays.) my parents recently got a bunk bed with a full size bed on the bottom bunk. There is also a crib & a toddler bed there but I knew the boys would want to sleep together since that is what they are use to now, so we put them all in the bottom bunk & hoped they would go to sleep & NOT discover the ladder that led to the top bunk. They actually did fantastic! They didn't take any longer to go to sleep than they do at home & they slept uninterrupted all night & even slept in a bit. I was SOOO relieved it went well & they didn't wake up & roam the house all night, lol...

My dad took a couple days off to hang out with us while Donna was at her class. The first day we took the boys to the nearest mall to play in the play area & have some lunch. We ran into another set of triplets there, 2 girls & a boy. They were  a year older than the boys, I don't know why I am hung up on it lately but the boys were quite a bit bigger than the they were. I know the boys are big, I should just accept it, get over it & stop comparing their size to kids older than them! I will, eventually ;)
The boys had a lot of fun playing, there were a lot of kids their age (or at least size) & they played really well with everyone, helping the girls climb up & taking turns sliding down. Poor Caden though, as soon as we got there he went running into the playhouse & nailed his head on the doorway. He was about 3 inches too tall to just walk/run through it, he walked through carefully, bent over the rest of the time :)

Friday we headed out to Donna's parent's to visit with them. We haven't been down to see them since they returned from NY in late October (we were awaiting Miss Nadia's arrival.) we spent the morning with them, had lunch & got back on the road to head back at nap time & hoped for a decent car nap!
Our friends, Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro were at my dad's when we got back & we spent the afternoon playing with them & our other dear friend Sandy.
Grandma helping the boys up :)

Saturday Donna was suppose to teach part of the class she was attending but she needed to return home to attend a funeral for one of her employee's daughter. My dad rode back & forth with her while my bonus mom hung out with the boys & I. We ran around, shopped & had lunch before heading back to the house to make dinner & a couple casseroles for Sundays dinner at Donna's mom & dads.

Kellan LOVED that spiral slide!

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  1. How fun that you got to tag along. AND that you have such awesome family support.
    Looks like a good time !



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