Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Beautiful New Niece

As I posted Friday, our newest little niece made her grand entrance last Wednesday & I do mean grand! Lol... This little girl has been drama since conception.

At my sisters first ultrasound they saw a small hemorrhage where the baby had implanted, they monitored it for month before it was finally gone. About mid pregnancy the doctor found a cyst in the baby's brain & sent my sister to a specialist to have it checked out. They also told her it was an indicator of trisomy 18. The specialist didn't find the cyst & it never presented itself again on any other ultrasound. 

Autumn really I wanted to try for a VBAC but at her 40 week appointment she still had no signs of labor & the baby had turned herself face up with her chin lodged on the pelvic bone. So my sister decided to go ahead & schedule a c-section for Thursday. Wednesday morning she woke up with severe pains in her back & after calling the doctor & debating on going in to get checked the pain finally got the better of her & she headed to L&D... Turned out she was in labor but not dilating (the reason for her original c-section, no dilation after 24 hours of labor) So they all decided Wednesday was a good day to deliver baby Nadia.

I had been getting updates from my sister all morning & about 2pm she asked if Donna could get off work & if I could could head down to get Chandler, my nephew & head to the hospital. I left home about 3:30pm, Autumn's surgery was at 4:20. I made it to Pick up Chandler a little after 5 & we headed to the hospital to meet little Miss Nadia. When we got there we were allowed to go in to recovery to see my sister. Her inlays arrived shortly after I did & my brother in law took Chandler out to the waiting room to stay with them while I hung out with my sister.

When Nadia was delivered she did not cry. The doctors & nurses tried to stimulate her to cry but she wasn't having any of it. She was breathing but she needed to cry to push out the fluid in her airway. Due to this she ended up with fluid in her lungs 'wet lungs' & had to go to the NICU to be monitored. 

I can only imagine the shock & fear of having a baby taken the NICU when it wasn't expected. Donna & I knew our boys would go to the NICU & possibly have breathing problems among other possibilities. Autumn was so upset that she didn't even get to look at her baby girl before they took her away & didn't know the extent of what was going on with her for another hour or so after delivery. She also had to wait a full 8 hours until she was allowed to go see her in the NICU.

Two by two each set of grandparents arrived, Steven' parents & grandmother, our mom & bonus dad, then our dad & bonus mom. Everyone took turns going to the NICU to meet Nadia but I was not allowed in :( during flu season they only allow parents & grandparents :( So I would have to wait until she was out to meet her.

I took Chandler back to my sister's place that night & got him off to school Thursday morning before I headed back home to Donna & the boys.

Baby Nadia & Mama

Lil Sis Nadia & Big Bro Chandler, cute shirts!

Nadia did well in the NICU & was moved to her mama's room on Friday & they were both discharged Saturday morning.

Aunt Spring & Nadia

Aunt "Da" & Nadia

Uncle Steven & Kellan
Kellan taking a peek

We gave my sister & brother in law a day to get settled at home with their toddler & new baby before we took our clan to meet their newest cousin. Sunday I finally got to see & hold that precious little girl, Donna didn't give me too much time with her all to myself though before she swooped in & tried o claim favorite aunt status. Nadia is an easy baby so far, she eats, sleeps & smiles a lot. I don't remember her crying at all or even fussing much. She slept right through her brother & cousins playing rambunctiously & loud right next to her for most of the morning. Nadia loves snuggling with just about everyone but she did tell me I was her favorite aunt, lol... The boys were a little curious about her but they were too busy to slow down & pay her much attention. Kellan did chatter to her & climbed up on the couch to take a peek at her. Caden & Garren each got close enough to pat her the back & say baby but they didn't stick around for long.

Pretty little girl

We can't wait to go back & see her again, we are hoping to be able to do some trick or treating with her & Chandler at the zoo next week :)


  1. What a happy ending. and beautiful little girl.

    I smell the baby hungry all over this post.



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