Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Festival

This past weekend we finally made it to a little Autumn Festival. I wanted to take the boys to a big, fancy, fun festival & pumpkin patch but the ones I found were about an hour away & time just didn't permit for those. There was however a very fun smaller festival going on right around he corner from us :)

My mom & bonus dad met us there. We arrived right as it was suppose to open, hoping to be ahead of the crowd. Unfortunately they were running behind setting up & we had to just roam around a bit until they were ready...

First up was a giant bouncy slide. The boys were so excited & eager to get on it but their excitement was short lived when they got on & saw how high it was. Kellan turned around & got right back off! Caden wanted to give it a go but the step were so far apart I had to help him get to the top & of course slide down with him. He did love the slide & he headed right back to the stair side. Garren was trying to make his way up, a little girl behind him in line was helping him climb. The slide startled him a little, it was pretty steep but it didn't stop him from wanting to go again. Caden & Garren both went 2 or 3 times & then it was too crowded with bigger kids so we took them to fringed something else to do.

Kellan & I

Caden & Grandma



The other riders

After the giant slide some of us went for a hay ride. For some reason the big tractor that was pulling the hay filler trailer scared Garren. I'm not sure why but I do remember Dr J saying that irrational fears were normal for this age. Garren has been on tractors before & never had an issue but we don't force things so he & Donna went back to the slide while my mom & I took Caden & Kellan on the hay ride.

Grandma, Garren, Caden & Kellan

The masterpieces

There was a pumpkin painting table set up with itty bitty pumpkins, Garren kept calling them apples & all 3 of the boys were interested so we did a little pumpkin painting. We have tried painted at home with finger paints & the boys haven't really been into it but they didn't want to stop pumpkin painting! Kellan especially was really into it & DID NOT want to be done!!! He kept trying to go back the whole time we were there.

Garren was fascinated with these guys playing the drums, he hung out & watched so long that they gave him a set of sticks & let him play :)

MomMom & top to bottom, Caden, Garren & Kellan 

Next up was some bean bag tossing. I need to set one of these up at home. The boys love to throw things & this activity would help them practice hand/eye coordination & help with aim since they mostly just throw things randomly, especially Kellan! They liked throwing the bean bags through the holes & eagerly went around to pick them up & throw them back through again. 

Kellan, Caden & Garren patiently waiting for the ok to get in

Garren & Kellan




There were lots of bounce houses set up when we finished with the bean bags so we headed to them for some "bounce bounce." The boys could decided which one they wanted to be in & kept getting in & out & getting trampled a bit by older kids. 

Everyone was starting to get hungry by this time & while we tried to figure out what to do for lunch we headed to the pony rides... Donna noticed Caden walking funny & reached down to see if he needed a change... His jeans were soaked! Not just a little leakage but completely soaked all the way down to his ankles :( needless to say we didn't get pony rides & headed to van quickly. Since I didn't  carry any extra clothes with us we had to cut our fun short & head home. 

We did have a really good time & it was a gorgeous Autumn morning to be outside!

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. and how great to have extra hands to help wrangle and direct.



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