Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fresh Air!

The playground, Neptune Park on St Simons Island is pretty crowded on the weekends & during the summer but in the fall, when kids return to school, it's very very quiet. This playground is fenced in which is a must for me when I'm by myself with 3 toddlers! 

Last week when the boys started feeling better I decided a morning at the playground would do us all some good. We were pleasantly surprised with a big ship anchored right off the pier & another one sailing by closely. The boys love to watch the ships & yelled "boat" from the top of the slides, lol...

Another woman showed up shortly after us with her grandson who is close in age to the boys. They all played great together & she said he climbed & played on some things that he's never tried before so it was a good social experience for all of them.

The boys new friend, Harvey with Garren

Garren didn't looked thrilled but when I went to take him out he said "I'm swinging!"



It was nice to get some fresh air & watch the boys burn some energy! Now that the temperature is cooling off a bit I think we will be spending a few mornings a week on the island at the playground! 


  1. I want to live by an island with boats and a fun playground. Good times.
    It looks like their new little friend needs to be out in the sun, on the playground with friends more :) and maybe a sandwich. ha ha

    1. I have to say, the thought of living in S GA was not ideal & still really isn't but the islands here, St Simons & Jekyll are really nice & pretty fun for the boys.



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