Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mommy Got A Brand New Van!!!

I never ever ever thought I would be excited about a mini van but 2.5 years into being a mini van driver, I really couldn't see driving anything else with the boys or the amount of traveling we do.

We knew when we got our first van that it would be short term since we hadn't really planned to get a van just yet but needed one to travel to FL when my dad was diagnosed with cancer & having surgery. Thanks to Donna's amazing haggling & negotiating skills we were able to get a brand spanking new van & keep our car payment the same :) Our old van was in great shape mechanically but it was getting up there in milage & starting to need lots of little fixes & we felt better just getting something new again.

Since we were planning this purchase & had more time to think about what we/I really needed & wanted in a vehicle, we did a lot of researching of safety, considering of things that we had or didn't have & wished were different & finally came to the conclusion of another van & one with stow-n-go this time.

Since we have split the boys up between the second & third rows, having stow-n-go is amazing! We're able to fold up & store the second seat in the second row right in the floor & no one including myself has to climb around it to get to the thrird row, so so easy to get the boys in & out now! It also gives us space to travel with the pups in a crate now instead of loose in the van which will be better for Haddie who has a little anxiety when we travel & jumps all over the place in the van. We also have in floor storage in front of the other seats & the trunk space is slightly bigger than our old van. Garren did think we broke the van though the first time he got in & one of the seats was gone, lol.

I love the piece of mind having a brand new car gives me! Now to find one of those stick figure familys, lol...

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  1. It's beautiful. Congratulations. You need to name her :)

    We had a 12 passenger van for a minute. I named her Baverly. aka Big-Ass-Van-erly. Then we moved back down to our mini van and named her Savanna aka. Small-Ass-Van-na.



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