Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Operation Toddler Beds ~ Week 4

We are the midst of week 4 & things really couldn't be better.

I was quite scared of how this transition would go. I've read & heard all kinds of horror stories but once the boys understood that bedtime meant not getting out of of bed, there really hasn't been much resistance. A few times someone has emerged from their bedroom 10 or 15 minutes after going to bed but we directed them right back to bed & after a short protest of tears they were sleeping soundly.

This weekend we had a few early mornings... The first morning I didn't think much of it, Kellan woke up about an hour early. We just hung out quietly in the living room waiting for his brothers to wake up. The next morning Caden & Kellan woke up around 5am, that is VERY early for us so I directed them back to bed. I had to lay in their room with them to get them to lay down & not play. The 3rd morning all 3 of the boys came waltzing out of their room at 3am. Again I sent them back to bed & laid in their room to make sure they went back to sleep or at least stayed in bed.

I asked in a triplet group on fb if anyone else had experienced this after switching to toddler beds & a few people said they had & that they put a door knob cover on the inside of the door so the boys couldn't just waltz out & wander the house. That is exactly what I did on the 4th night but the boys slept all night that night & last night so maybe it was just a short phase or perhaps a fluke? Donna wasn't crazy about 'locking' them in their room in case any of them ever really needed something but we have a monitor we can see & hear them on & our room is right next to theirs. I just don't want them to get up & get into something that could hurt them or better yet unlock the exterior doors like they love to do so much.

So I think it's safe to say Operation Toddler Beds has been successful but the real test will come in a couple weeks when we travel to Grandma & Grandpa's house... 


  1. This is a milestone I'm definitely not looking forward to because I've also heard horror stories about it! Good to hear that it's going well for you!

    You continue to impress me with the things you can do x3 and not lose your mind, lol. You and Donna seem to make a really good team.

    1. Thanks! We have our moments, lol...
      I bet Grace does well with the transition since she is happy to play in her crib on her own & is so easy going :)

  2. Hope things continue to go well!!

  3. I'm truly impressed. Our transition hasn't been terrible but it definitely hasn't been that smooth (as only one of the two will sleep in a bed right now)!

    1. It's funny that Teagan won't sleep in a bed.
      I am impressed with how well our boys have done & how it has also transferred into following instructions better all the way around :)



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