Tuesday, July 31, 2012

15 Months!!!

What a busy month it has been! From moving into our apartment (with only baby furniture & air mattresses) to the boys learning to walk, to our NY trip, to finally getting our furniture & personal belongings delivered!!!

The boys seem to be doing a lot of growing recently. I don't have weights or measurements but their legs seem so much longer, their faces fuller, Kellan & Caden have definitely gotten wider, there are very few 12 month shirts they can still wear & I've had to break out the 18 month shirts full time.

Garren, Caden, Mommy, Kellan

Developmentally this month:

Garren is walking, really walking & even doing a little dancing, lol. He says mama with intention. He babbles several other words like dog, all done, & milk. All are up for interpretation of course along with his signing. He signs mostly "more" & "all done" sometimes they can be confused because he gets excited & they often just appear as clapping. He also loves to sign "dog" as he says it & "hat."

 Garren opinion of mineral water, lol...

 Riding in the car

 Hanging with mommy

taking a walk outside

Caden is walking a little now too. He started the month out with his first steps, got up to about 6-8 steps at a time & then quit. Caden has always been quieter than the other 2 boys but recently he has starting babbling non-stop. He also says all done & babbles several other words that are un-identifiable at this point. His signing is really good, he signs "milk," "eat," & "dog" frequently.

 Giving walking a good try...

 Not a fan of mineral water either

 relaxing in the car after playing at the park
{nice dirty foot Garren}

getting away by himself to stack the nesting cups

Kellan has not shown the slightest bit of interest in walking. He periodically stands without supporting himself & has taken a random step or two from one toy to another, but that is it. He practically runs with a push toy so I know he has the skills, he just doesn't have the interest. I'm hoping with the delivery of our furniture & a little more space to roam he will take off. Kellan is a chatter box, babbling something the majority of the time. He is usually the first to exclaim "all done!" He will repeat just about anything we say including thank you. While we were in NewYork he even said grandma. His signing is really coming along too & includes "eat," "milk," "all done," & "dog." Kellan still gives kisses when asked & he is the only one left with a baby face. This works for him because he is still our sensitive mamas boy.

 No go on the mineral water for Kellan too

 Enjoying some Signing Time in the car

 He really enjoys being outside

I love his crazy faces!!!

I'm excited for the boys to get settled into our new place & I can't wait to see what comes in the next month or two!!!

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  1. The boys sound like they're doing great! I think Kellan will be like Teagan with the walking...one day he'll just get up and do it. She showed no interest and has suddenly started walking so much more in the last few days.



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