Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th!!!

First & Foremost...


We didn't have anything major planned for the 4th. W've been camping out in our new apartment for just a few days & didn't plan on the boys being totoally settled, so I've been sticking close to home & to their regular routine. Well from our first full day in the apartment, the boys have been great! They are back to their old selves going right down for naps & bed at night, and sleeping in their beds all night. I'll go into it more in another post but staying asleep had been a bit of an issue while we were at my parents.

Well since the boys have settled right into their new home we decided on a family day out. Knowing it would be crowded, we decided to go to St Simons Island anyways. We had lunch at a restaurant one of Donna's couriers owns. Iguana's is "known" for their locally caught shrimp. Being born & raised in FL it sounded so funny to hear someone say "local GA shrimp" lol...
Well I have to admit, it is some of the best shrimp I have ever had!!! I cannot wait to take my dad, he also loves shrimp. Speaking of shrimp lovers, I could not get the shrimp cut up & served to the boys fast enough. We made the mistake of giving them a taste of our appitizer, bacon wrpped shrimp. That was enough to start a craze & the boys just wanted more, more more!!! Fast fast fast!!! Luckily our entrees showed up quickly! The boys ate most of the appitizer, all of their broiled shrimp, some of mine & some of Donna's shrimp & grits & they still wanted more.

After lunch we walked around Pier Village & over to the lighthouse. On our way a woman stopped us to ak about the boys, she had a booth set up for "Wounded Warriors" & asked if they could paint flags on the boys cheeks. We agreed & took them over. Everyone at the booth had a good time with the boys, from painting their faces to throwing them balls.

It was a pretty hot day. We thought we would be able to let the boys play on the beach or at the splash pad but it was entirely too crowded. We found a shaded grassy area & let the boys play for while there but it was really too hot. The boys cheeks were getting flushed & red so from there we headed back to the van & took a drive around the island.

We will be celebrating my dads birthday with him next weekend :)

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July!!!


  1. Flags on the cheeks = red dots on foreheads? Lol. Glad you all had a good day!! :)

    1. I know, they ended up with red, white & blue dots all over their faces. They were having a good time so we just let it be, lol...

  2. You two have THE CUTEST little men!



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