Sunday, July 22, 2012

NY Vacation ~ The Drive Up

We set out on Thursday for Upstate NY to visit Donnas family & introduce the boys to a few more family members they haven't met yet. It was the longest trip yet we have taken with the boys. According to google maps it was going to be a 16 hour drive, with 3 toddlers in tow, it was going to be 18 hours at least. To minimize the boys being cranky we decided to break up the drive into 2 days.

We stopped for lunch so everyone could stretch & the boys could have a little change in scenery, it was about an hour break &  then we were back on the road again.
We made it as far as Beckly WV by dinner time the first day. We decided to stop for the night, feed the boys in the hotel & let then burn some energy before bed.

 the view from our room at Fairfield Inn in Beckly

 Caden adjusting the air

 The boys room for the night

 Caden & Garren checking out the view

 Caden playing peek-a-boo over the bed

 Kellan checking out the fridge

The boys love hotel rooms for some reason, a lot to explore I guess. They played chase, ate dinner, & inspected the room from one end to the other.

We were back on the road right after breakfast Friday. We were making pretty good time & then the inevitable happened... We couldn't possibly travel 950 miles without get caught in stand still traffic at some point :(

 Kellan snoozing

 Caden watching a dvd

 Garren eating his foot

Thought this was funny

We enjoyed the views, the boys took naps, watched Baby Einstein & Baby Signing Time & we finally made it to Donnas parents about 6 pm.

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