Saturday, July 7, 2012

No More Bottles!!!

The day we moved into our apartment was a pretty hectic day, so much so that I forgot to give the boys their "after dinner bottle." It was the only bottle they were still getting daily. The next day I kind of forgot too.By the 3rd day I thought I would just give them a snack & their cups with milk before dressing them for bed. The next thing I knew it had been a week & the boys hadn't had any bottles. The bottles were sitting on the drying rack taking up space I could use for cups! I gave them all one last wash & matched up all the lids & nipples. I jokingly posted a photo on facebook stating "FOR SALE." A fellow triplet mom snatched them up & they are now off to a new home for more use :)

I thought transitioning from bottles would be more traumatic but the boys hadreally lost interest in them long before their 1st birthday, but I held out thinking it was going to be a tough process. It's funny how there are all these "rules" as to when to do what with your babies, when I think if given the chance they will naturally transition themselves. I found this true with starting solids, scheduled naps, starting finger foods & now with bottles. Lets see if it works out the same with transitioning to one nap...

1 comment:

  1. Another milestone reached! Hooray for you and congrats on finally being settled in one place although as soon as the boys really start walking you will rarely be settled and rarely in one place!



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