Saturday, July 14, 2012


Thursday was our nephew, Chandler's, 2nd birthday.
Today was his party. He absolutely loves Mickey's Clubhouse, so that was his party theme :) My sister did an awesome job with decorating & food preperation. She used a lot of the things from the how to come up with the menu and really played it up using all of the Characters... Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Daffy & Daisy.

The boys wore matching Mickey t-shirts to the party. We don;t usually match them exactly but I couldn't find 3 different Mickey shirts in their sizes so we went with all the same. It actualy worked out quite well, we could find all 3 of them in the crowd of children easily.

The boys had a great time, they played in the pool, had snacks on a beach towel with Chandler in the yard, and then played some more outside.

 G, K, C

K, C, G

They had hot dogs & pasta salad for lunch with a sugar cookie for desert.

C, G, K & Mommy

After lunch they played & visited inside. There were lots of kids to play with and lots of people to meet & entertain. Garren showed off his new walking skills.
This was the first time the boys met the O'Neal (my brother in laws) side of the family.



 Autumn, Steven, Chandler & Garren


Chandler loved his gift - a dog guitar by B. Toys, I love that brand of toys!Along with all the other cool stuff he got.

It was a really fun day & a really great party!!!

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  1. Looks like great fun. I have the same shirts for all 4 of my boys when we go to Disney in January. I normally don't dress the triplets alike either but have found that when in public or crowds it sure does make it easy to count! Glad you felt the same way.



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