Friday, July 27, 2012

NY Vacation ~ Playground Fun With Cousins

Wednesday we met up with Donnas cousin Amy & her 3 girls at the playground. Two of her girls are identical twins. The boys who already love little girls, had such a good time with Ava, Isabelle, & Alexa!!!

Donna & Amy

Alexa & Isabelle
Garren & Caden
I can't tell the twins apart, so this is either Alexa or Isabelle with Donna & Kellan.
Amy & one of the girls with Garren & Caden.
Amy, Alexa & Isabelle, Garren & Caden.

Caden & Garren

 Donna & Kellan

 Ava & Kellan
 Kellan, Caden, Ava & Garren
 Alexa & Isabelle
 Amy, Kellan & Caden

 Walking/Biking around the track

 It's a race...

 Donna cheats & cuts across with the boys, lol
 I think they all had a good time

Goodbye hugs & kisses

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