Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who Takes More Than One Baby Out To Eat Anyways?!?

The boys and I had some shopping to do today, so we headed out early in hopes of making it to 3 stores instead of our usual 2 stops. Our first stop was to Books A Million to see if we could find Baby Signing Time or My Baby Can Read videos. No luck, I'll order them online tomorrow... Our next stop was Joann Fabrics, mostly because it was in the same shopping center & it is my other addiction (second only to Target.) They did have flower pots on sale for 60% off & I just happened to need 2 :o) 

After Joann's it was getting close to the boys lunch time so I set out to find a place to eat. I called Donna to see what she was up to & she decided to join us for lunch. 

We met at the Thai place we went too on my birthday (without the boys.) I headed in first, like I always do, to tell them 2 adults & 3 high chairs. They did not have 3 high chairs, they only had 2 (that's two for the whole restaurant, not just 2 available, there were no other children in the small restaurant. Two high chairs was alright because I had our handy portable high chairs in the van. So we toted 3 babies & a high chair inside. Unfortunately this did not turn out to be a very good dining experience for us & it had nothing to do with the boys behavior. When we got inside they had not set up a table for us & the 2 high chairs they had were buried behind some plants in the corner. The woman that I presumed was the owner or manager, said she could not get the high chairs. A man that was having lunch at another table got up to help us, as Donna was holding Garren & Caden & I was holding Kellan & trying to set up the portable high chair. Finally a male waiter moved the plants & the woman dragged the stacked high chairs over to us. 

We got everyone set up & I asked the waiter if we could have a glass of milk? "We do not serve milk" was the waiters answer... well excuse me!!! I haven't been to a restaurant yet, until today, that didn't have something for kids. So I filled the boys cups with water from the glasses they had filled on our table. We gave the boys some Baby Mum mums to occupy them until our lunch came, it was some time before the waiter returned to take our order & the owner/manager woman glared at us whenever one of the boys dropped something on the floor, a napkin, spoon or piece of mum mum. She was quick to pick it up & whisk it away. The other diners were curious about the boys and paid us lots of compliments on how cute & well behaved they were & what good eater they are :o) 

The boys had some thai fried rice & pad thai without peanuts. They were curious about the new flavors & held the food in their mouths a little longer than usual. 

When we were finished with lunch we cleaned the boys up (Donna made sure to pick up any bits of food the boys may have dropped on the floor) & waited... for our bill. The boys started getting restless so we decided to put them in the van. I told the (mean) woman we would be right back to pay our bill & she turned her head away. I told Donna I thought the woman was very rude & Donna added she didn't think the woman liked having kids in the restaurant. Donna returned to pay & collect the diaper bag & portable high chair.

Regardless of the rudeness we had a good lunch together as always :o)

In case you were wondering... lunch took too long & we did not make it to our 3rd store, Target :'{

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