Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

Saturday morning Donnas' parents left FL to head to NY for the summer. They decided to stop by for a quick visit on their way through town. I love that the boys are getting more time with family lately & although their visits have been brief, they seem to recognize & remember their grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins :)

Grandma Tilyou holding Caden, Kellan, Eason &
Grandpa Tilyou. Haddie & Garren are standing in front.

Grandma opening her Mothers Day card, with a little help.

Kellan & Grandpa

Kellan holding onto Grandpas hand.

Caden & Grandma

Kellan holding Grandpas hand again

Grandma & Garren

Grandpa & Caden

Grandma & Caden

Grandpa & Kellan

Saturday night we met up with my parents, my sister & her family for Mothers Day dinner in Brunswick, GA. I just love the look on the hostess' face when we ask for so many high chairs!!! We had a great dinner. All the boys (including our nephew) did great. I was slightly concerned fro the boys being out so close to bedtime, but they did fine & ate a ton of food!!!

 left front to right front:
Chandler, Autumn, Garren, Donna, Caden,
Myself, Kellan & My Mom

Today, Donna & I spent the day just us & the boys. Last year was technically our first Mothers Day but the boys were just a week old & in the NICU. So this year was our first Mothers Day with our boys at home with us. We had planned on going to the zoo with my parents & sister but postponed due to the predicted rain. Donna & I then thought we'd try the beach between raindrops or setting up the kiddie pool at the house, but it drizzled pretty much all day. We ended up going to an outlet mall to do a little shopping & having lunch out. It was a great day with our amazing boys, we are 2 very proud Mamas!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you, especially all the first time moms & moms of multiples!!!

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